Big Data Spain

17th ~ 18th NOV 2016 MADRID, SPAIN #BDS16

Better together: Fast Data with Apache Spark™ and Apache Ignite™

Thursday 15th

from 13:30 to 14:05

Theatre 20



Spark and Ignite are two of the most popular open source projects in the area of high-performance Big Data and Fast Data. But did you know that one of the best ways to boost performance for your next generation real-time applications is to use them together?

In this session, Christos Erotocritou, senior solution architect at GridGain, will explain in detail how IgniteRDD — an implementation of native Spark RDD and DataFrame APIs — shares the state of the RDD across other Spark jobs, applications and workers. Christos will also demonstrate how IgniteRDD, with its advanced in-memory indexing capabilities, allows execution of SQL queries many times faster than native Spark RDDs or Data Frames.

Michael Griggs

Michael Griggs

GridGainSoftware Engineer