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Javier Ordóñez

Lead Data Scientist

Javier is the current Lead Data Scientist at StyleSage. He is a cross-disciplinary data scientist with 9 years of experience in the areas of technology, research, teaching and consultancy. He is currently focused on designing, implementing, and deploying different machine learning systems aimed to categorize products and extract fashion insights. He has been involved in different technology areas, ranging from the connected car to wearable devices, across Europe (Spain, UK, and The Netherlands). His work includes collaborations with top tech companies, such as Qualcomm, Google, and Huawei. His research interests focus mostly on ubiquitous computing, wearable sensing and human-behaviour modelling, with relevant papers published in premier conferences and journals. Javier has a M. Eng., M.Sc and PhD, with honors, in Computer Science from Carlos III University of Madrid