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Keynote | Business

Big Data, Analytics, and Tax Fraud

Thursday 16th | 10:45 - 11:20 | Theatre 25

For 25 years the Spanish Tax Agency has intensively used data in order to help taxpayers comply with their obligations and combat fraud. The speech will discuss the way information is managed at the agency, and how some challenges have been faced by the use of big data technologies and advanced analytics.


In order to illustrate the use of big data, projects such as the analysis of invoicing for the control of VAT, or the study of relations between all legal and natural persons in order to unveil hidden structures, will be presented.


The focus on advanced analytics will lead to other examples such as the use of predictive analytics to take automatic decisions in tax procedures, or the detection of potential fraud organizations seeking for anomalies in networks of taxpayers.


Through the use of data analytics in the core of its business the Spanish Tax Agency is improving its results year by year, and accomplishing its mission in a more effective and efficient way.