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Keynote | Technical

Big Data security: Facing the challenge

Thursday 16th | 12:15 - 12:45 | Theatre 19

Keywords defining the session:

- Secure data processing

- Spark

- Big Data

A data-centric platform integrates multiple Big Data open source technologies. For example, at Stratio we use Spark, Kafka, Elastic search and many more. Most of these technologies do not offer native security. This lack of security, not only leaves companies open to critical risks like data leakage, unsecure communications or DoS attacks but is also a major barrier to complying with different regulations such as LOPD, PCI-DSS or the upcoming GDPR. This talk gives a technical and innovative overview of how companies can face the challenge of protecting the data and services that are in their data-centric platform, focusing on three main aspects: implementing network segmentation, managing AAA and securing data processing.