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Keynote | Technical

Building Google’s ML Engine from Scratch on AWS with GPUs, Kubernetes, Istio, and TensorFlow

Thursday 16th | 14:30 - 15:00 | Theatre 19

Applying my Netflix experience to a real-world problem in the ML and AI world, I will demonstrate a full-featured, open-source, end-to-end TensorFlow Model Training and Deployment System using the latest advancements from Kubernetes, Istio, and TensorFlow.


In addition to training and hyper-parameter tuning, our model deployment pipeline will include continuous canary deployments of our TensorFlow Models into a live, hybrid-cloud production environment.


This is the holy grail of data science – rapid and safe experiments of ML / AI models directly in production.


Following the Successful Netflix Culture that I lived and breathed (, I give Data Scientists the Freedom and Responsibility to extend their ML / AI pipelines and experiments safely into production.


Offline, batch training and validation is for the slow and weak.  Online, real-time training and validation on live production data is for the fast and strong.


Learn to be fast and strong by attending this talk.