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Keynote | Technical

Deep Learning in Spark with BigDL

Thursday 16th | 18:00 - 18:30 | Theatre 25

Keywords defining the session:

- Spark

- Deep learning

BigDL is a deep learning framework modeled after Torch and open-sourced by Intel in 2016. BigDL runs on Apache Spark, a fast, general, distributed computing platform that is widely used for Big Data processing and machine learning tasks. Apache Spark comes with its own machine learning library of algorithms, but it still lacks deep learning capabilities. BigDL efficiently fills this void by providing rich deep learning support and high performance through Intel’s Math Kernel Library and multi-threaded task execution. In this talk I will give a short overview of Apache Spark, a description of BigDL architecture and API, and then I will show a couple of demo examples of using BigDL on some real data.