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Keynote | Technical

Scaling to billions of Edges in a Graph Database

Thursday 16th | 12:15 - 12:45 | Theatre 20

Keywords defining the session:

- Scalability

- Graph

- Database

The complexity and amount of data rises. Modern graph databases are designed to handle the complexity but still not for the amount of data. When hitting a certain size of a graph, many dedicated graph databases reach their limits in vertical or, most common, horizontal scalability. In this talk I’ll provide a brief overview about current approaches and their limits towards scalability. Dealing with complex data in a complex system doesn’t make things easier… but more fun finding a solution.


Join me on my journey to handle billions of edges in a graph database. The main topics of this talk are:
-Modern architectures in graph databases
-Scaling a graph: Bottlenecks in read and write performance
-Index free adjacency or hybrid indexes for graphs?
-Dealing with billions of edges: A graphy journey to Madrid with ArangoDB