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Keynote | Technical

Streaming analytics better than batch – when and why

Thursday 16th | 17:20 - 17:50 | Theatre 20

Keywords defining the session:

- Batch

- Stream processing

- Apache flink

While a lot of problems can be solved in batch, the stream processing approach currently gives you more benefits. And it’s not only sub-second latency at scale. But mainly possibility to express accurate analytics with little effort – something that is hard or usually ignored with older batch technologies like Pig, Scalding, Spark or even established stream processors like Storm or Spark Streaming. In this talk we’ll use a real-world example of user session analytics (inspired by Spotify). We’ll give you a use-case driven overview of business and technical problems that modern stream processing technologies like Flink help you solve, and benefits you can get by using them today for processing your data as a stream.