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Keynote | Technical

AI in VR

Friday 17th | 12:40 - 13:10 | Theatre 19

One-liner summary:

AI opens amazing new doors for VR for developers - come see how.

Abstract: The intersection of Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality is enabling whole new paradigms of breakthrough uses in the fields of science, education, therapy, training, productivity and collaboration. Join us as we break down why AI in VR has such massive implications for computing, and how developers can take advantage of those new possibilities.


Description: During this session, attendees will learn about the intersection between the emerging fields of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, including some of the work IBM Watson is doing with Interactive Speech Interfaces and Chatbots in VR. From applications in science, training, therapy, rehabilitation, productivity, education and, yes, gaming, attendees can expect to learn some concrete examples from Michael’s own experience and be presented industry trends and understand more about where AI and VR are going in both the near and long term future.


Three Keywords: AI, VR, Technology


Two Main Takeaways: 1. Gain a deep understanding of the current landscape for AI and VR and 2. Learn how to leverage AI in VR as a developer to do amazing new things.