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Keynote | Technical

The future of Hadoop security and its evolution

Friday 17th | 14:00 - 14:30 | Theatre 18

Keywords defining the session:

- Hadoop

- Security

- Future

This talk defines the state of the art for Hadoop security and describes the planned security features to be added. Hadoop initially was not designed with security in mind, multiple security features had being developed for some components without designing and integrated security architecture. Identity management, authorization, authentication, encryption at rest, encryption in the wire and security audit are some covered dimensions. Today the security resides in components such as Sentry for centralized authorization, Kerberos for authentication, HDFS encryption for at rest encryption and TLS for in transit encryption. Some companies offer security features to complement the security such as data masking and key management and all these efforts are yet not enough to satisfy the security requirements that Big Data platforms have for Compliances and Cloud security.