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MLflow: Accelerating the Machine Learning Lifecycle

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Wednesday 14th

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11:00 | 11:40

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Theatre 25



Building and deploying a machine learning model can be difficult to do once. Enabling other data scientists (or yourself, one month later) to reproduce your pipeline, to compare the results of different versions, to track what’s running where, and to redeploy and rollback updated models is much harder.

In this talk, I’ll introduce MLflow, a new open source project from Databricks that simplifies the machine learning lifecycle. MLflow provides APIs for tracking experiment runs between multiple users within a reproducible environment, and for managing the deployment of models to production. MLflow is designed to be an open, modular platform, in the sense that you can use it with any existing ML library and development process. MLflow was launched in June 2018 and has already seen significant community contributions, with over 50 contributors and new features including language APIs, integrations with popular ML libraries, and storage backends. I’ll show how MLflow works and explain how to get started with MLflow.