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All you need to build secure ML pipelines and cloud native applications

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Wednesday 14th

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14:50 | 15:30

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Theatre 19


Keywords defining the session:

- Devops

- Cloud

- Big Data

Takeaway points of the session:

- You can focus on building the best application in the market, instead of spending time managing infrastructure.

- You can then run it on premise or in the cloud.


During this talk, I’ll speak about the common challenges that companies are facing when working on data science projects and developing cloud native applications.
Then, I’ll explain how DC/OS is tackling these challenges.
Finally, I’ll go through a few demos to show the main DC/OS capabilities in action.
In one of the demo, I’ll use Apache Nifi to get some pictures of cats and dogs from the Flickr API, store them in HDFS, retrain a Tensorflow model to classify these new categories and use a CI/CD pipeline to deploy on Kubernetes a web application leveraging this model.