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Get Connected – Building Connected Data Applications with Amazon Neptune

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Thursday 15th

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10:45 | 11:25

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Theatre 25



Amazon Neptune is a fast and reliable, fully-managed graph database, optimized for storing and querying highly connected data. It is ideal for online applications with highly connected data where the query workloads require you to take advantage of this connectedness – navigating connections and leveraging the strength, weight or quality of the relationships between entities. If you’ve ever had to answer questions such as ‘Which friends and colleagues do we have in common?’, ‘What’s the quickest route between two stations on the underground?’ and ‘Which parties are likely working together to defraud their bank or insurer?’, then you’ve already encountered the need to manage and make sense of highly connected data.


In this session we’ll explore some of the common use cases for graph databases, and show Amazon Neptune’s graph data models and query languages help you build connected data applications.