Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions regulate the contractual relations between us, as organisers of the Big Data Spain event (onwards, “the Event” or “the Conference”) and you, as an attendee.


Please, read carefully both, our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy, as they include important information about the Event. To buy your ticket, you must confirm that you have read them, that you agree with them and that you will fulfill them.


We reserve the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, these Terms and Conditions. An updated version of these Terms and Conditions will be available permanently on the official Big Data Spain website www.bigdataspain.org.




Big Data Spain is an international meeting of experts in Big Data technologies, companies and institutions whose 7th edition will take place in Kinépolis Madrid, Spain, on 13th, 14th and 15th of November 2018.


The company Paradigma Digital, S.L. (onwards, “Paradigma”, “Big Data Spain” or “the Organizers”) organizes the Conference in cooperation with individuals, universities, communities and companies that are genuinely relevant to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies and their applications. You will find more information about Paradigma at the end of these Terms and Conditions.


The Event is divided into training courses and lectures. The training courses will take place on 13th of November, and the lectures on 14th and 15th of November.




The training courses will be Advanced level; no intros or intermediate courses, not platform or product demos. The approach will be of a hands-on intensive one: workshops, tutorials, walk-throughs, etc.


All teachers are master professionals in their own areas, and they are specially chosen by Paradigma for their corresponding training course. Teachers may contact courses ‘attendees to provide them with information and materials for the course.


The language of the training courses will be English only. Big Data Spain will provide fully equipped classrooms allowing a maximum capacity of 30 people. Attendees must bring their own computers or electronic material.


There will be a maximum number of two teachers per course and 30 attendees, in case the course does not have a maximum of 8 attendees, Big Data Spain reserves the right to cancel that course and relocate the attendees in any other different classroom after notification to the attendees affected.


The offer of courses is subject to changes. In case of cancellation of a course or a teacher, Paradigma will offer a relocation of the attendee, another teacher or course, or a total or partial refund of the tickets.


Limited capacity of the hosting venue and theatres


The capacity of the hosting venue and the theatres is limited. The access to all sessions is on a first-come first-served basis. The organisers do not guarantee the availability of seats at any given session.





The Attendant admits and accepts that the event Organizer will organize and manage the event, and that it will have the sole and final authority over all decisions regarding the security, celebration and organization of the event, its rules, schedules, etc.


The event organizer reserves the right to modify the format of the event and its programming, as well as to cancel the event due to lack of registration or other third-party issues. If the event is canceled, the Attendant will be reimbursed in full for the payment, in the terms established in the cancellation policy. If the format or schedule of the Event is changed, the attendant will not be entitled to any refund, and this change of format will not entail any responsibility, cost or liability to the organizer with regard the attendant.



Big Data Spain Professional App


Attendees (including Speakers, Trainers and Sponsors of the Event) will be able to access the Big Data Spain Professional App from their devices. The download of the app is free and voluntary. The app is available in the main App Stores, as AppStore and Google Play.


After the purchase of the ticket, an email will be sent to the email address provided in the registration form, which will include:
The guidelines to download the app on your device.

An automatic-generated cipher password to login to the App. Your user will be the email address that you have provided in the registration form.

Once you enter the App, you will be able to change your login information and password.


Big Data Spain App will allow you to network with other attendees (including Speakers, Trainers, and Sponsors), among other features, such as checking schedules or receiving notifications about the Event.


By filling the registration form with your data, you authorize the Organizers of Big Data Spain to use these details (full name, company and job title) in the app for networking purposes only. This is the same information that is publicly displayed to all other attendees at the venue host on your Attendee Badge. This app will not display your mobile phone number or your email address. To know more about how we use those data, please, access our Privacy Policy.




There are three sorts of tickets, as indicated in our website. The prices of tickets may vary on a daily basis and depending which ticket will you purchase. The only valid platform to purchase the tickets is the Big Data Spain’s website (www.bigdataspain.org)


There are three (3) types of tickets for Big Data Spain event that can be purchased:



Tickets grant access to the Event, Lectures and Training Courses only. The Organization will not cover transportation and lodging costs, meals or refreshments.


Tickets are limited and subject to availability. None of the tickets is refundable, except for what is established in the present Terms and Conditions. Training courses cannot be reimbursed or changed nor transferred to other attendee once the ticket is purchased. Conference tickets can be transferred individually only once before the beginning of the Event. The transfer of the ticket can be made by writing to tickets@bigdataspain.org and including the information with regard the former attendee and the substitute.


All tickets are nominal. Ticket holders might be asked to show an official document to be identified at any moment during the Event.


Purchase and Payment


The Attendant will complete the registration form through the platform designated by the Organizer, accepting the payment and following the instructions on the website to formalize the registration and its corresponding payment.


Tickets can be paid by any of the payment methods available on the website. All our prices include the applicable taxes.

All the Payments must be made in Euros.


Assistants cannot participate in the event until the organizer has received the full payment. Orders are subject to credit card approval and processed only after a billing address, and other billing information, has been verified. Occasionally, we receive incorrect billing or credit card account information for a ticket order that can delay processing and delivery. In these cases, the Organization will attempt to contact you, using the information provided at the time of purchase. If we are unable to reach you after our initial attempt, we may cancel your order and may sell your tickets to another customer without further notice.


Order Confirmation


If you do not receive the purchase confirmation (in the form of a confirmation page or email) after submitting payment information, or if you experience an error message or service interruption after submitting payment information, it is your responsibility to confirm whether or not your order has been placed. You can send us an email to the contact address available below. The Organization will not be responsible for losses (monetary or otherwise) if you assume that an order was not placed because you failed to receive confirmation.


Cancellation Policy


Once acquired, tickets are not refundable. You are responsible for cancellation of travel and hotel reservations, as well as any other expenses you may incur/may have incurred if you do not attend the Event. Paradigma reserves the right to cancel your registration without notice if:



You agree that Paradigma is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, resulting from any cancellations. All payments must be submitted within the time frames set forth in the present Terms and Conditions or in the relevant registration form.


Should Paradigma cancel the event, registered attendees who have paid the registration fees in full for the Event will be refunded their registration fee only. However, the cancellation, total or partial, of the Big Data Spain Event due to forces beyond Paradigma’s control (Force Majeure) will not lead to ticket refunds. The Organization will not issue exchanges or refunds for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets.




To attend the Event you must have a valid ticket for the Big Data Spain event. The only valid platform to buy the tickets is the Big Data Spain’s website https://www.bigdataspain.org (onwards, “the website” or “our website”).


The Event will take place at Kinépolis, which is located in C/ Edgar Neville s/n, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid (Spain). A detailed map of the hosting venue and its accesses is available in the website’s section called “Venue”.


To attend the Event you must be over 18 years old. All attendees must pay the full registration fee and the funds received at the ticketing platform in order to have their access granted to the venue of the Event. Individual ID cards, passports, etc will not grant access on their own. Tickets are the only document that will grant access to all the talks, coffee breaks and lunches at the venue of the Conference.


As tickets are nominal, you understand and agree to carry with you at all times during the Event, an official identification document, as a passport or EU national ID card, that allows the Organizers to positively identify you. You agree to show such identification to the Staff of the Event upon request.


You understand and agree that, in order to purchase the ticket and to, subsequent, access to the Event, you must personally submit your identification information, including but not limited to passport information. Any submission of identification information by any person other than the individual identified in the materials constitutes a material breach of these terms.


Tickets will be made available by the attendees to the staff at the registration desk of the Conference on their arrival as the only accepted proof of the payment and identification. The print out may be on paper or on electronic screens. After checking the ticket and identification, the staff will provide a personal Attendee Badge to each attendee.


Paradigma will not be held responsible for tickets that were not purchased at the official point of sale: https://www.bigdataspain.org. Any damaged ticket, or any ticket with signs of being counterfeit, will authorize Paradigma to deny access to the said ticket holder to the hosting venue. Paradigma reserves the right to take any and all legal measures it deems suitable against holders of counterfeit tickets.


Security and admission rights. Code of conduct.


The Big Data Spain conference has proven to be a safe and productive environment for everyone involved in all its previous editions.


We will conduct the sessions mostly in English, including written and oral instructions and introduction of speakers and sessions. We recommend that you make sure that your fluency in oral and spoken English will allow you to enjoy and make a good use of the sessions. We may use Spanish in some sessions and as an auxiliary language in some cases by the event staff.


Paradigma is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please remain aware and keep personal possessions, included but not limited to passports, electronics and financial instruments secure at all times during the Event.


In case that your actions represent a danger for the continuation of the Event, it may lead to you being evicted from the Event venue. You may not be allowed to re-enter the Event or any future Events organized by or on behalf of Paradigma. Among others, Paradigma can deny entry or evict someone from the venue, in the following circumstances:


  1. The ticket has been tampered with or has signs of fraudulent manipulation.
  2. The ticket holder has a violent or aggressive attitude, physically or verbally, towards attendees (including Speakers, Trainers or Sponsors) or staff members of the Event.
  3. The ticket holder is hindering the normal development of the Event or is not following the instructions of the staff of the Event.
  4. The holder of the ticket carries weapons or objects that can be used as such.


You and your belongings may be searched on entry to the event. You consent to such searches and waive any related claims that may arise. If you elect not to consent to such searches, you may be denied entry to the event without refund or other compensation. Under certain facility rules, certain items may not be brought into the premises, including without limitation, alcohol, drugs, controlled substances, cameras, recording devices, laser pointers, strobe lights, irritants (e.g., artificial noisemakers), bundles and containers.




Attendants to the Event are aware that audio and video recordings will be made. The attendants consent to the recording of their own image so that Big Data Organizers can use it in their own audiovisual materials and content, from the recording made at the Event, and authorize the Organizers to capture the images and sound of their presence and participation in the Event. Attendants consent the use of their own image, with respect to these acts, for the creation of audiovisual contents, in any type of support and for its use by Big Data Spain Organizers, or in the creation of image and sound generated by it. This assignment includes the rights of transformation, distribution, public communication and reproduction, as well as any other characteristic that may correspond to it, with no limitations other than those derived from the Intellectual Property Law. This assignment is made without temporal or territorial limitation and without right to any sort of compensation for the Attendant.


All films, photographs (using cameras or other recording devices) or other images, as well as all intellectual property rights linked to them will always remain property of the Organizers and Sponsors, where appropriate. Attendant authorizes, consents, and admits that the purchase of the ticket and the acceptance of this general conditions constitute a legally binding assignment of the abovementioned.


Consequently, without the prior written authorization of the event organizer, by attending this Event, you agree to the following:



You understand and agree that a breach of the above terms may lead to you being evicted from the Event venue. You may not be allowed to re-enter the Event or any future Events organized by or on behalf of Paradigma.


By attending the Event, you understand that Paradigma or third parties attending the Event may capture your image by many means including, without limitation, electronic recording, film, videotape, audio tape and photography (the “Recordings”), and use it. Pardigma may use your image for promotional or informational purposes of the Event on their social networks, such as Flickr or Youtube, the website, among others. You understand that Paradigma is not obligated to use the Recordings. In case that you do not agree with the use that Paradigma has made of your image in relation to the Event, you can contact at hello@bigdataspain.org.


In case you do not agree with the use of your image by third parties, in relation to the Event, you must contact the third party directly. Paradigma is not responsible for any requirement, claims and causes of action that you may have against third parties for the use they have made of your imagen in the Event.




The logos, trademarks or trade names displayed on the website, social networks or communications of Big Data Spain are the exclusive property of Paradigma, Sponsors of Big Data Spain or third parties. As an attendee, you do not have a license to use them unless you have express consent for it.


The logos, trademarks or trade names of Big Data Spain are properly registered.

You will respond and hold harmless the organizers, who will not be responsible under any circumstances, against third-party claims that derive or are a consequence of the violation of Intellectual and/or Industrial Property rights by you or third parties when it is imputable to you.




The Attendant acknowledges and accepts that the circumstances relating to the event may change periodically for reasons unrelated to the organization, without incurring any liability and without the Attendant having the right to claim their registration.


Organizers will not accept liability sustained by attendees, Speakers, Trainers, volunteers, guests or accompanying persons, for loss of, or damage to their personal property as a result of the Conference or related events.


Attendees, Speakers, Trainers, volunteers, guests or accompanying persons will be liable for any damages that may result from the breach or defective fulfillment of their obligations contained in these Terms and Conditions, in the terms of article 1.101 and following of the Civil Code, as well as the fault or negligence that may be incurred, by virtue of the provisions of article 1902 of the same legal body.


Notwithstanding the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of the event, the Organizer will not have any extra contractual (including negligence) or other non-contractual liability for loss of business, loss of income or lost profits, anticipated savings or unnecessary expenses, loss or damage of personal equipment belonging to the Attendant or any other indirect or consequential losses or damages of any nature derived from the participation of the Attendant in the event or any other matter derived from these general conditions, nor for a total amount higher than the payment done by the Attendant. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the event Organizer will not be responsible for the actions of spectators or other third parties, unless otherwise expressly stipulated herein.


Accordingly, the Attendant hereby expressly and irrevocably waives, on his behalf and that of his successors and heirs, any recourse or claim of any kind against the Organizer of the event, its directors, employees, volunteers, suppliers, sponsors, security personnel and / or other persons who respond to it (the “associated parties”), as a result of all types of losses or physical damage, or any other type (including loss of income, loss of profits, pain and suffering) directly or indirectly experienced by the Attendant, their relatives and / or dependent, and caused in some way by the participation of the Attendant in the Event. The non-contractual liability of Paradigma is qualitatively limited to direct damages. Under the provisions of Article 1.105 of the Civil Code, neither the organizer’s nor the attendees, Speakers, Trainers, volunteers, guests or accompanying persons will respond for those events that could not have been foreseen or that, foreseen, were inevitable.




Partial Nullity


If any of the Terms and Conditions, or its clauses, were declared null and void by a final decision issued by the competent authority, the remaining Terms and Conditions will remain in force, without being affected by said declaration of nullity.


Force Majeure


We will not be liable for any failure or delay in compliance with any of the obligations assumed, when it is due to any type of act, event, lack of exercise, omission or accident that are beyond our reasonable control (“Cause of Force Majeure”). It will be understood that the obligations will be suspended during the period in which the Cause of Force Majeure continues, and we will have an extension in the term to fulfill those obligations for a period of time equal to the duration of the Force Majeure Event. We will use all reasonable means to end the Cause of Force Majeure or to find a solution that allows us to fulfill our obligations despite the Cause of Force Majeure.




Participating in Big Data Spain 2018 implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions, and the attendance to Big Data Spain, are governed by Spanish legislation. Participation in this event implies the express resignation of the Attendants to the corresponding jurisdiction, accepting that the Spanish Courts and Juries are competent to clarify any claim.
Organizers reserves the right to resolve any unexpected contingency. Therefore, any possible incident which originates outside those stipulated in the Terms and Conditions will be resolved by the event Organizer according to its best criteria and knowledge.




The only official way of communication with the organization of Big Data Spain is by email to hello@bigdataspain.org


Paradigma Digital SL with VAT identification number ESB84946656 is located in Vía de las dos Castillas, 33 – Ática 4, 2ª Planta, postcode 28224, city Pozuelo de Alarcón registered at the Registro Mercantil de Madrid, Tomo 23.604, Libro 0. Folio 195. Sección 8, Hoja M-423565.







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