Grady Booch

IBM, Chief Scientist for Software Engineering.

Manuela Veloso

JP Morgan, Head of AI Research

Stephen Wolfram

Founder and CEO of Wolfram Research

Nuria Oliver, PhD

Co-founder and Vice President at ELLIS

Pedro Domingos

University of Washington, Professor

Jim Webber

Chief Scientist, Neo4j

Philipp Krenn

Developer at Elastic

Gonzalo Gasca

Tech Lead, Google Cloud AI

Viacheslav Kovalevskyi

Engineering Manager/Sr TL at Google Cloud AI, Google

Peter Webb

Principal Technical Specialist, The MathWorks

Kai Waehner

Field CTO, Confluent

German Viscuso

Sr. Technical Evangelist, Amazon

Eduardo W. Jørgensen

CEO, Medicsen


Nick Pentreath

Principal Engineer, IBM


Arvind Hosagrahara

Chief Solutions Architect at MathWorks


José Ruiz

Director of Business Development at Paradigma Digital


Óscar Méndez

CEO at Stratio


Borja Menéndez

Sr. Operation Research Engineer at Fujitsu


Albert Mercadal Playà

Global Head of Advanced Analytics CoE at Fujitsu


Moisés Martínez

Tecnical Lead on Artificial Intelligence and Advance Analytics at Capgemini


Ross Perez

Sr. Director of International Product Marketing at Snowflake

Pablo Mateos

Data Scientist, Telefónica

Jordina Orcajo

Senior Consultant, Minsait

Jesse Anderson

Managing Director, Big Data Institute

Alberto Uceda Aguilar

Consultant, Isdefe

Hosein Alizadeh

Principal Data Scientist, Microsoft

Tomasa Rodrigo

Lead Economist Advanced Analytics Research at BBVA Research

Emilio Martín Gallardo

Senior Data Scientist, Repsol

Aitor Landete

Data Scientist, Telefónica

Juan Carlos Mondéjar Huerta

Business Solutions Manager, El Corte Inglés

Fátima Galán

Senior Manager Expert, Minsait

Pedro García Fernández

Consultant, Isdefe


Antonio Rodriguez

AI/ML Specialist Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services


Toni Prada

Senior Data Scientist at Cabify


Mario Bergantiños

Director Localization Analytics & Video-Audio at Electronic Arts


Brian T. O’Neill

Designer, Founder and Principal at Designing for Analytics


Álvaro Barbero Jiménez

Chief Data Scientist at IIC


Javier de la Torre

Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at CARTO

Milecia McGregor

Developer Advocate at Conducto

María Medina Pérez

Senior Data Scientist, Microsoft


Nicolas Fränkel

Developer Advocate at Hazelcast


José Luis Flórez

CEO at Plaiground


Guglielmo Iozzia

Associate Director - Business Tech Analysis, IT & AI at MSD


Carmen Vidal

CEO & Founder at Paradigma Digital

Brooke Wenig

Machine Learning Practice Lead at Databricks

Alberto García Hernández

Big Data & Analytics Expert at CEPSA

Aza Raskin

Cofounder of Earth Species Project

Idoia Salazar

Co-founder and president of OdiseIA

Rubén Martinez

Data Scientist / AI Researcher at Datahack

Javier Fernandez

Senior management at CTTI

Rubén Gil Gómez

Technical Director at Paradigma Digital Barcelona.

Lucio Cetto

Principal Engineer - MathWorks

Elena Tomas

Senior Data Scientist at Repsol Data & Analytics Hub

Miguel Angel Paris Cabello

Software Architect at El Corte Inglés


Josep Tarruella

CEO at Graph Everywhere

Paco Nathan

Managing Partner at Derwen

Loubna Bouarfa

Founder and CEO at OKRA Technologies

Rajat Monga

Former lead of TensorFlow at Google

Anita Schjøll Brede

CEO at Iris.ai