Big Data Spain

17th ~ 18th NOV 2016 MADRID, SPAIN #BDS16

Prepping your analytics organization for Artificial Intelligence

Friday 18th

from 09:00 to 09:40

Theatre 25



The content will be a discussion on how we should start thinking about and getting ready for AI. If cars can drive themselves and industrial machines ask for repairs surely we can program our analytical systems for intelligent insight generation and recommend actions. Yes, it will be difficult with the Analytics being a dual Product-Service role with it's multitude dependencies across different parts of organizations, quality/variety of inputs, required speed, the varied interpretations and judgemental insights & applications. This would require our end goal to advance beyond Prescriptive analytics to scenario based action making. Although AI is closer to us than it ever were- it will be expensive, will remain in learning phase for some time and human supervision will continue to be the firewall against mistakes. We will use this time to discuss thumbrules on where to apply, when to apply, the data considerations, program & policies set up, scalabilty, go to market, legal, sales, monetization, labor market impact and customer sensibilities. We will also discuss the progression of Analytics as a function through specific, general and superintelligence and how we can successfully ride the wave than be swept by it.

Ramkumar Ravichandran foto

Ramkumar Ravichandran

VisaDirector Analytics