Big Data Spain

17th ~ 18th NOV 2016 MADRID, SPAIN #BDS16

Recent Advancements in Streaming Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Continuous Training and Deployment Pipelines.

Thursday 17th

from 14:50 to 15:30

Theatre 25



In this talk, I describe some recent advancements in Streaming ML and AI Pipelines to enable data scientists to rapidly train and test on streaming data - and ultimately deploy models directly into production on their own with low friction and high impact.

With proper tooling and monitoring, data scientist have the freedom and responsibility to experiment rapidly on live, streaming data - and deploy directly into production as often as necessary. I’ll describe this tooling - and demonstrate a real production pipeline using Jupyter Notebook, Docker, Kubernetes, Spark ML, Kafka, TensorFlow, Jenkins, and Netflix Open Source.

Chris Fregly foto

Chris Fregly

PipelineIOChief Data Scientist