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10 hot reasons your AI project might not work out great

Business talk | English

Theatre 17: Track 2

Wednesday - 16.20 to 17.00 - Business


We are a data company that works with other companies to help them building AI solutions. We are a blend of data scientists and data engineers and that makes us question from different angles how will the next big AI module be integrated in your platform. This is the prime reason why we can brag that we have more than 10 AI solutions in production developed over the last 3 years.

In this talk we will share our experience working with various clients on AI solutions. We will give you a list of the 10 most common AI pitfalls that prevent AI solutions to end in production. Are you familiar with PoC drawer, where RnD departments allocate some money to try something new, build that up to a working solution, but it never ends up in production? This list will help you prepare for your next AI project and it will help you lower down the chance for it to end up in the PoC drawer.