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A public-owned IoT network built by citizens: The Things Network Madrid

Technical talk | English

Theatre 21: Track 5

Wednesday - 17.50 to 18.30 - Technical


We are on a mission to provide the entire Madrid region with IoT data connectivity by leveraging a public-owned LoRa network infrastructure.

Our non-profit community has now 30+ working LoRaWAN gateways connected to The Things Network, but the total is not set in stone, we are aiming to deploy more in order to allow developers to leverage LoRaWAN connectivity.

We are a not-so-small team (+114 contributors) of technology enthusiasts from many different backgrounds. IoT brought us together and we are open to connect and share with anyone interested.

We are devoted to continuous learning and sharing, that’s why we hold Meetups frequently where we explain the “The Things Network” initiative, LoRaWAN technology, IoT use cases, and much more.

At Big Things Conference, we will share our journey with the audience. First of all, we will give a quick grasp about the enabling technology for this mission. Then, some use cases that a network like ours will allow. There are also many more communities in Spain and worldwide, we will share some successful cases around the world, and the impact a public-owned network brings to society.

To wrap up we will summarize our growth as a community for the last 3 years and we will end with a proposal for every attendant: Let’s build this thing together!