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Augmented Intelligence taking over AI or humans alone

Business talk | English

Theatre 17: Track 2

Wednesday - 15.35 to 16.15 - Business

The existence of knowledge built inside a machine, can compete with humans in many different activities and fields. The basic idea behind this presentation is to analyse the huge potential of combining human and machine capabilities to obtain an augmented Intelligence vs Human alone, or Artificial Intelligence on its own.

Although we know how to hire human knowledge and have dedicated talent departments, we don’t have yet a standard process and practice to capture and manage Machine Knowledge. Machine Talents is also a domain that has not yet a fully established management framework nowadays. Since humans are also relevant for the development of that capabilities, as a better approach we propose using a comprehensive approach to deal with human and computer intelligence and knowledge combined. That approach to a new way of dealing with business expertise is the augmented intelligence challenge.

Machines are extraordinary at making massive calculations and capturing subtle details. Moreover, activities that were only achievable by humans are today performed routinely by machines (visual recognition, car driving, chatting). Nevertheless, the right combination of human and machine knowledge can overtake any approach based on machines or humans alone. Artificial intelligence has broken a lot of limits that were unachievable before. A very important fact on the nature of artificial intelligence is that its knowledge resides on big volumes of data. The knowledge captured by a Neural Network can´t be easily transformed into human knowledge.

Traditionally, science captured information through machines and did curve and models fitting to data. Once achieved the right adjustment to theory the knowledge of the system behaviour was finally transformed into human knowledge. This knowledge captured by science is built typically in textbooks. Universities generate knowledgeable humans that finally get hired by companies.

We discuss the organizational, technical and human aspects of this approach, comparing it to the existing fields were that strategy has been proved successful. The combination of both capabilities allows for a great strategy combined with a perfect tactic execution. Although machines can deal with huge dimensional problems, the lack the adaptability and flexibility of human intelligence. Furthermore, we discuss the potential of humans to have motivations, goals, creativity and emotions, and combine this “Emotional Intelligence” with the machine capability to execute.

Business knowledge today resides on experts. A process of adoption to maintain and enrich existing capacities and capabilities is required. Some industries are onboarding machine intelligence in a disconnected way from the existing abilities. A higher level of integration between both knowledge factors can help the companies to transform the company’s performance to a new level, but the transformation of the culture is a huge challenge for every organization.

A whole new business domain is coming. Being late might be far too late, which can extinct companies and activities. The rate of innovation pace is accelerating and the rise of Artificial and Augmented Intelligence is at the heart of the business evolution. An overall of typical business processes and knowledge applicable to different sectors will be discussed, form retail to industrial production and finance.