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Big Data and Smart Business: Making better decisions with mobile data

Business talk | English

Theatre 17: Track 2

Thursday - 16.10 to 16.50 - Business


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90% of people have their phone within 1 meter reach 24 hours a day; it’s with us when we run, it’s next to us while we sleep, it’s become an extension of our bodies. But, for this mobile data to have a real value it should be put into context. And this context is LOCATION.

Vodafone Analytics is a product developed and commercialised thanks to a strategic partnership between Vodafone and CARTO. This presentation will cover topics such as how Vodafone processes and analyses events captured from millions of mobile devices and how then CARTO turns that data into powerful Location Intelligence applications so businesses and organisations can take action from the insights provided by the telco data. We will discuss some of the key use-cases and success stories around Vodafone Analytics in the Retail, Real Estate and Public sectors. We will conclude our presentation by sharing some of our learnings on the collaboration of a large corporation such as Vodafone and a startup like CARTO.