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Bip & Drive: Raising monitoring to the service of the business

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Wednesday - 16.20 to 17.00 - Business



This project is implementing an integration, analysis and monitoring business data to have E2E monitoring in Bip & Drive (the leading company in the electronic toll collection sector in Spain, with nearly 850,000 Via-T devices, representing a market share of over 30%).

The goal of this project has been to provide a new view on the state of their critical business processes to support them in the quick identification of problems that may have an impact on end users. We have sought in this project start the monitoring top-down, covering first those aspects that have the greatest impact with less effort so the customer would receive value quickly.

Thanks to this implementation it has been possible not only to monitor problems in the customer systems on which the business processes are supported, but also third party systems whose failure has a critical impact on the customer.

The customer’s objective is to have a tool where they can consult, in real time, the status of both their business processes and infrastructure and be able to quickly identify the origin of the problems, improving operational times and reducing the impact on the end users times.

This project is integrating real time data from different servers and systems (infrastructure data, scripts, business logs, web servers, app servers….), in addition to consulting third party services. These datas are very different between them, so we have create different data models to work in the best way with all kind of data. Integrate new sources is easy and fast, this allow us to offer valuable data in short period of time with low effort.

We are applying complex business logics to identify problems in flows and transactions. With these logics we can identify different cases, for instance:

• Users with problems in the access to their private area, which impacts directly on the business of Bip & Drive, because if you can’t access to your private area, you can’t pay through the Bip & Drive application.
• Monitor the failures by gas station, because the failures in the payments can come from an external factor as the point of sale terminal.
• With all these data we can detect fraud, for example, if the number of attempts/blocked users are higher than the common values.
• Geospatial metrics to analyze use patterns by location.

All these monitoring has been modelled according to relation between each service and we have applied weights to establish the impact of each KPI. For example, for Bip & Drive not is the same a failure in the sale process as in other services, so we have designed it as overweight service.

The key points of the value obtained for the customer are:

• Operational traceability between different systems.
• Identify both technical and functional problems.
• Ability to react immediately to problems with impact on end users.
• Reduction of time to solve incidents.
• Views to cover all profiles: from executive to operational ones.
• Decision making supported by real data. Executive indicators to make it easy.
• Alerts via email when a risk business situation is detected by the systems.