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Core Analytics platform in a Cloud

Technical talk | Spanish

Theatre 21: Track 5

Thursday - 11.40 to 12.20 - Technical


AI, Quantum computing, Chatbots, Predictive Analytics, Zettabytes are some of the biggest buzzwords in the computer world these days, are Big Things. But, behind this topics hides a serious challenge in terms of the necessary hardware and software resources. The cloud technology today offers a promising solution to this challenge by enabling ubiquitous and scalable provisioning of the computing resources.

The cloud computing has brought about new service models and research opportunities with advantages in ubiquitous accessibility, convenient scalability, cost savings and mobility.

In this talk, the authors introduce their serverless edge-data analytics platform and discuss their main design requirements and challenges. This solution could be the core and the foundation of any industry or need, covering multiple scenarios and being a cross solution to do analytics in any business leveraging the cloud advantages.