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Designing for data: Improving the UX in the design of Big Data & AI products

Business talk | Spanish

Theatre 21: Track 5

Wednesday - 17.05 to 17.45 - Business

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One of the most important considerations in constant and daily work with data and AI is the user experience. All these concepts have evolved in parallel and have generated solid disciplines that seem to live in different worlds.

Today, the integration of Human-Centered Design and the User Experience into the construction of AI and Big Data products, solves some of the most relevant value gaps we have been living in the software industry.

The Human-Centered Design has already become a key part of this industry and the design teams work in an integrated way with architects, developers, data scientist or stakeholders from different sectors to respond to the use and understanding of the data.

How to ensure that you design a AI product that meets the needs of both users and businesses? How is it possible to design a product while trying to understand and adapt to the unpredictability and rapid evolution of the field of AI? How to ensure a powerful user experience while solving complex design problems that you never faced?

To create such an experience and design Big Data and AI products, we have compiled a series of principles, guidelines and best practices in interaction design and data visualization. Some of them are common to any UX design project but others change the way we approach the design and the user experience.