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Developing a cloud-based pure real time streaming platform and use cases

Technical talk | Spanish

Theatre 21: Track 5

Thursday - 10.55 to 11.35 - Technical


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In this talk we will share our experiences in the design and implementation of an innovative cloud-based pure streaming Big Data platform to provide real-time up-to- date results. Main functional goal is to collect and correlate in real time events and information from BSS/OSS/Network and enable intelligent online interaction and decision making.

We will present the details of Execution, Deployment (DevOps) and Operational architectures that ensure a high quality environment. The platform is deployed in AWS and key technologies are Apache Kafka, Apache Flink on EMR, Redis on ElasticCache. Final date is consumed using Spring-based Microservices. All infrastructure is automatized using Terraform and Ansible. And both technical and functional metrics and alerts have been defined and implemented. We have follow agile methodologies as key driven factor.

Platform is already in production and new improvements has been identified to extend its functionality. We will share our learned learned and future objetives of the platform including Data Governance and tools for business end-users.