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Icaro project: Predicting Biosphere Behavior by using ML Cloud Engine

Technical talk | English

Theatre 16: Track 4

Wednesday - 14.05 to 14.45 - Technical

Energy & Utilities

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Climate change is one of the main problems facing our society today, but defining precisely and scientifically what are the real causes of its appearance seems somewhat complicated due to both: the large amount of information which currently exists and the different explanations to justify it.

Our research is based on applying advanced data processing techniques on data sets of the earth’s biosphere in order to find relationships between the different features of the datasets that allow measuring the impact of climate change on living beings.

To do this, we will show how to deploy a complete Machine Learning pipeline in order to build a climate change prediction system by using information from two data sources: (1) the climate records of the last decades on planet earth collected by NASA satellites and (2) bird migrations records in the western hemisphere. In this talk, we will present how to carry out a process of ingestion, treatment and training through different systems deployed in a cloud environment in a simple way.