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It’s all about the data: 5+1 tech trends for the roaring 20s

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The original roaring 20s actually were 100 years ago, but we may be about to see a new version of this. If it’s going to be “a period of economic prosperity with a distinctive cultural edge”, then both the economic and the cultural aspects will no doubt be all about data.

As a leading analyst and journalist with an eye on all things data, AI, and innovation, at the end of each year I publish a review and outlook on the year’s defining trends. This year, since it’s the end of a decade, I’ll try and go a bit further.

Join me to hear about the 5+1 defining trends of the new decade before anyone else. Because big data has brought us big things. Expect a countdown, in which you’ll get to learn about the topics at hand in a concise way, and hear some insights as to why they are important and where they are heading next.

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