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Martech: No Data, No Party

Business talk | English

Theatre 20: Track 3

Wednesday - 13.20 to 14.00 - Business

Are we aware that all the data generated by our users can help us optimize our strategy and budget?

First, Second and Third Party Data are terms that are present in the strategy of any company that wants to reach new, digital horizons. This is specially true of First Party Data; data that our users give us for free for example by purchasing products in our ecommerce platform or registering in some type of alert.

What if we could deduce user behavioural patterns from this data? Would we have the key to be able to act locally, regionally and globally, whilst offering a personalized service based on the actions and tastes of our users?

Currently, we can say that this is possible thanks to the development of new technologies based on Artificial Intelligence and Cloud for Marketing.

With good Data Quality we can develop a DataOps strategy, centralizing, normalizing and managing all the data in a single repository, for example, the cloud. After this, the next step is the activation of the data, that is to convert simple data as ceded by our users, into useful data providing intelligence that can be used to determine our actions. Based upon this useful, activated data we can optimize our actions in Cloud for Marketing, to build campaigns or personalized ads targeted by users interests and delivered at just the right time.

With this process, we optimize our digital budget, dedicating every cent invested in actions based on reliable data from our own users.

But not everything is optimization and maximising profits. Currently, investments are being made in new Artificial Intelligence tools, which begin to coexist alongside the existing ones provided by large technology companies. Such investments are more than necessary to be able to continuously improve.

And in the end, it all comes down to our clients and users feeling that the attention they receive is personalized. The user experience is fundamental for a company to progress, and based on everything stated previously, can cause users to convert in the most appropriate way and at just the right time.

Big Data has modified the way any entity or company develops. The activation of data not only serves and will serve to obtain better results, but also to modify processes or behaviours that until now were often operated rudimentarily or simply left to chance.

Combining “Business Rules” with “Optimization Algorithms” we provide Machine Learning and Deep Learning models to meet specific business needs. However, the algorithm or model that works for all cases simply does not exist. The choice of exactly what to use will depend on the volume of input data, the type of result desired and how the result obtained will be used.

In particular, there is now a platform capable of activating data through Artificial Intelligence and designed to provide solutions in the digital marketing and sales environment, to optimize investments through the first real conversion prediction system.

It is a technical combination of Machine Learning and Big Data that allows you to increase the knowledge of traffic captured on a site, through different modules such as prediction of conversion probability, product recommendation, lifetime value prediction, intelligent personalization or demand prediction.

It is developed in Google Cloud, which allows immediate integration with Google Marketing Platform products and is full scalability and flexibility. It works thanks to Google’s Big Query, which allows you to easily create custom dashboards, query large datasets in a matter of milliseconds and offer you full integration with Analytics 360.

Take control of your data and have them work for you!