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Smart Trains for a Smart Future

Business talk | English

Theatre 17: Track 2

Wednesday - 11.45 to 12.25 - Business



The UK railways is one of the busiest rail networks in the world. The demand for the UK rail network has been growing dramatically since the early 90s and expected to double within the next 8 years. Market structure and rising demand rewards innovation in the rail sector unleashing a myriad of opportunities for analytics. Modern high-speed trains cut journey times by accelerating faster than existing rolling stock. But what if a train breaks while in service causing delays and network-wide disruptions? A modern digital train is carrying thousands of sensors generating trillions of data points every year. Ability to manage huge volumes of data is at the heart of building data-driven solutions for the rail sector. Application of advanced analytics and machine learning on these data allows predicting equipment failures, reducing in-service downtime, and optimising operating schedules. This allows to meet a growing client demand to shift from CapEx to XaaS and outcome-based pricing embracing a pioneering trains-as-a-service concept revolutionizing rail transportation reliability and increasing customer satisfaction.