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The delivery food algorithm to know your customers and improve their experience

Technical talk | English

Theatre 21: Track 5

Wednesday - 14.05 to 14.45 - Technical

Retail & Logistics


Enrique Fernández (Data & Business Intelligence Director of Just Eat Spain) will reflect on how the restaurant sector can take advantage of the use of data to get to know their consumers better and improve their experience.

New technologies have meant a real revolution in the commercial and marketing management of companies, providing tools hitherto unknown for market research among which big data is of vital importance. A good analysis of the large amount of data that a company has access to allows it to understand the needs of consumers and, consequently, improve their experience. In fact, according to a McKinsey report, companies that make greater use of Big Data analytics have seen their revenues improve by 126% over their competitors.

The future of the catering sector depends mainly on the digitalization of processes, mobility and the use of tools such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence. At Just Eat, data analysis is a critical factor in improving the experience for both online food delivery users and restaurants added to the platform. The company recently launched an intelligent new algorithm that improves the user experience through much more personalized communication and that helps restaurants increase their revenues.

One of the features of Just Eat’s new algorithm is the ability to customize the restaurant offering to suit the user’s tastes. To do this, the Just Eat algorithm is based on previous orders placed and user feedback. Knowing the consumption habits of the users allows Just Eat to personalize the communication with them, being able to segment the day, the hour and the type of content that is offered to each one.  

But not only users benefit from the use of the new algorithm. The analysis of all the data available on the platform – such as repetition of orders by users, their opinions, delivery time of restaurants, etc. – are used to benefit those restaurants that do it best, placing them in better positions within the platform and, consequently, helping them to receive more orders. Through data analysis, Just Eat also helps the restaurants added to its platform to improve their gastronomic and service offerings. Knowing the areas with the highest demand of online food delivery or the types of food most ordered, for example, allows Just Eat to make high value-added recommendations to its restaurants to help them increase their income. 

Just Eat works actively in their technology, restaurants and logistics partners to achieve every day improve the experience of their customers and to handle user expectations in terms of delivery times and product quality.

Just Eat plc operates as a world leader with a hybrid Marketplace model in the delivery food sector. Headquartered in London, it uses patented technology to provide a fast and efficient online ordering service for 27 million customers and 107,000 participating restaurants in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and Brazil.

The company has a network of almost 10,000 restaurants in Spain, including some of the most important chains in the sector, and two million active users.