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Thoughts on IoT with some blockchain

Technical talk | English

Theatre 16: Track 4

Thursday - 10.55 to 11.35 - Technical


IoT projects by their very nature tend to be very different from the more traditional Enterprise IT projects, the talk will look at what this means, with the aim of helping a newcomer who has been asked to deliver an IoT project avoid some of the frequently encountered pitfalls and putting them on the path to create successful IoT projects.

Without focusing on specific products, the talk covers the areas of why do an IoT project at all, considerations of scale, implications for the devices, communications, the need for security and the cost of not having it, combining these with the value of your existing back end enterprise environment. We will examine the various ways and implications of making decisions on your IoT data, how to use it, and how to protect it.

We will look at some unexpected lessons learnt from a few of the projects we have worked on, and discuss how they were resolved.