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Barbero Jiménez

technical speaker

Chief Data Scientist - IIC

Dr. Álvaro Barbero is Chief Data Scientist at IIC, as well as researcher in the Machine Learning group at the Autonomous University of Madrid. He holds a BSc (2006), MSc (2008) and PhD (2011) degrees in Computer Science with a focus on Machine Learning, and has been two times finalist in the Texata Big Data Analytics World Championships. As a Data Scientist at IIC, he has taken part in several Artificial Intelligence projects, involving various fields of application such as fraud detection, sentiment analysis on social networks, demand forecasting, stock management optimization or automated document classification. As part of his research and academic activities, he has authored 30 international research papers and is an active lecturer in several MsC-level courses on Data Science and Machine Learning. He has collaborated with recognized research centers such as the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research or the University of Tokyo.