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Head of Service Development - Minsait

As the Head of Service Development at Minsait, Carlos’ responsibility is to foster innovation based on digital technologies adoption from a business perspective, making technology meet the final clients’ value added perception through Big Data and AI-based unique services. Enhancing Minsait’s ability to widen its portfolio of cutting-edge solutions and services from that viewpoint demands in-depth analysis and ideation, which is why Carlos launched the “Digital Maturity Assessment 2019: Data and Analytics” to help corporations understand the current Big Data and AI landscape in their progress towards becoming data-driven companies. Carlos is also responsible for growing Minsait’s digital innovation ecosystem, stablishing partnerships aimed at launching AI-focused products with digital firms from a wide array of sectors.

Carlos holds a degree in Economics and Business studies from Navarra University (Spain) and joined Minsait in 2016 as the Head of Innovation and Digital Transformation. Previously, he launched several digital businesses, such as Yaap Digital Services, and worked for companies like Mckinsey, Banesto Online Banking and Expansión.