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José Luis

business speaker

Global Head of Data Architecture - Santander

José Luis Agúndez has a passion for connecting technology and business. He applies his background in software engineering, business skills in monetization of Data and Cloud, and hands-on experience in strategic alliances, to chase the best way to build, partner or buy technology, to sharply grow business results.

Since 2019, he is the Global Head of Data Architecture for Santander bank group, accelerating the transformation of its business units across the world, such as retail banks, investment banking, consumer finance and the new Santander global financial platforms, to fully leverage data-driven business growth.

In 2015, he was brought by AT&T to the US to lead their Big Data Innovation in Silicon Valley, heading the offices in Palo Alto and San Francisco, with a charter to bring the next billion dollars to the business. He accomplished that by combining data analytics, machine learning, trusted computing and teamwork to create a new portfolio of data-driven solutions in domains such as Advertising, Content, Trust and Privacy, Threat Detection and Customer Care, among other areas.

Always creating value via Partnerships, he led the collaboration with MIT and VCs. He is a member of industry expert forum Silicon Valley Executive Network, Startup Accelerators such as Plug’n’Play, Singularity Labs or Microsoft´s hub, and has funded research at University of California in Berkeley, Irvine and San Francisco.