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Díaz Morales

technical speaker

Head of Deep Learning Unit - Tree Technology

Dr. Roberto Díaz received his degree in Telecommunications Engineering in 2006, a M.Sc.(Hons) degree in multimedia and communications in 2011 and a PhD focused on Machine Learning in 2016 from the University Carlos III de Madrid. He has published relevant papers about efficient implementation of Machine Learning algorithms. He has been involved in many research projects, including CAIMAN, SEMANGNITION, UNITY, RAMSES, MUSKETEER. Currently he is leader of the Artificial Intelligence line at Treelogic and adjunct professor in the University Carlos III de Madrid.

Roberto has won several awards thanks to the use of Deep Learning techniques and he has reached the 54th position in the world ranking of data scientists. His research interests include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Kernel Methods and Bayessian Non Parametrics models.

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