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Lead of the Data Science Team - DIA Group

I am Electronic Engineer with 20 years of experience in Telecommunication and IT Industries.

 With the boom in Big Data and Data Science, I got interested in the field several years ago, and since then I started studying in order to re-focus my career to this field, especially into the Data Science field. In doing so, I have realized a passion for discovering the business value of data and to use it in order to help organizations grow, be more efficient and to gain competitive advantage. In the meantime I have completed many training courses, from online training to formal Master Degree in Machine Learning and Deep Learning and I and pursuing now another Master Degree in Mathematical Engineering.

I have worked in consultancy organizations specialized in Big Data and Data Science, and I had the chance to see how organizations of different sizes and industries started the rollout of Big Data and Advanced Analytics platforms from the ground floor. One of the main realizations for me during those projects has been the fact that Big Data is more a Cultural change than a technological one. I have seen that in order for an organization to render itself into a data-centric business, the main driver is to change its culture, and then to change its technological landscape in parallel. I have also been fortunate enough to have the chance to participate in that cultural change acting as a trainer of longtime analysts that desired to be transformed into Data Scientists.

Finally, after a few years in consultancy I moved forward to work in a big retail company (DIA Group). My motivation here is to help the company to develop and consolidate its Big Data and Data Science strategy and to add value to the business using data.