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Dataiku is the centralized data platform that moves businesses along their data journey from analytics at scale to enterprise AI. As a company, Dataiku believes that the most advanced, competitive, and truly data-driven companies engrain a culture of working with data throughout the enterprise instead of siloing it into a specific team or role. To make this a reality, Dataiku provides one simple UI for data wrangling, mining, visualization, machine learning, and deployment based on a collaborative and team-based user interface accessible to anyone on a data team, from data scientist to beginner analyst. 

Start by connecting to your existing infrastructure (Dataiku pushes computation in your existing SQL, Hadoop, or Spark infrastructure) to provide centralized, controlled access to all types and formats of raw data. From there, users – from experts to data explorers – can work in the tools the know best, whether that’s using interactive Python, R, SQL, and Notebooks or a visual user interface for code-free data wrangling and machine learning.

Teams scale with Dataiku because it provides the structure and stability necessary for long-term success while also remaining flexible to allow for change and agility around ever-shifting technological trends in the industry. Dataiku serves not only as a repository of best practices to ensure continuity and consistency across everyone working with data at the company, but also enterprise-level security, data governance, change management, and advanced monitoring features.

Dataiku also provides shortcuts to machine learning and AI deployment/management, allowing any business to go from raw data to prototyping/sandbox to production easily. Quickly package a whole workflow, optionally including data and models, as a single deployable and reproducible package, and automate your deployments as part of a larger production strategy or run all your data scenarios using our REST API. Dataiku provides for fully staged deployment models from dev to test to preproduction to production, all within a single UI. 

Customers such as Santander, GE, Unilever, BNP, Ubisoft and many more trust Dataiku to scale their data insights.

Dataiku was founded in 2013 by Florian Douetteau (CEO), Marc Batty (COO), Clément Sténac (CTO), and Thomas Cabrol (CDO). In 2017, Dataiku tripled their revenue and doubled in size, employing more than 150 people between its headquarters in New York and offices in Paris, London, and Munich.