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1. Business transformation Cloud Process History is a Software as a Service (SaaS) belonging to CEPSA’s digital catalogue and designed using the latest Cloud technology, which is used for the capture, storage, visualization and advanced real-time analysis of relevant information from industrial facilities or corporative data. Main Features:


a) Ingestion, processing and storage Ingestion, enrichment and storage with unlimited capacity of event typologies and/or devices that emit information with disparate structure and content. Product management web (sensors, hierarchies, sites…) Dynamic collection of process metadata, sensor locations and units Configurable and unlimited data retention capacity


b) Dynamic configuration and enrichment Parameterized configuration via Web of event typologies, process units and locations. Product management web (sensors, hierarchies, sites…) Dynamic collection of process metadata, sensor locations and units Configurable and unlimited data retention capacity


c) Monitoring, Data Quality and Real Time Visualization Real Time Monitoring, Time Series and Dashboard Display, Data Governance and Quality. Customized real-time event display panels (time series) System and Infrastructure Health Monitor Automatic system alarms and notifications Data quality rules and alarming engine


d) Advanced Analytics and DataLabs Connection to analytical platforms oriented to data scientist. Creation of scalable laboratory environments for high volumetric information. WorkSpaces for business analysts and standard users. Connectors and Rest API services to advance analytics platforms such as RapidMiner High performance working environment for data exploration and machine learning Machine Learning Model Execution Environment Real Time Consumption via API Gateway


2. Innovation The business is actually driven by data. Big data gives us a new opportunity for decision making without the uncertainty of what will happen in the future. With CPH you can easily connect your industrial sensors with the data world. With this you can see everything that happens in your industry plants, and relate data that you never seem to be related. You can monitor all the information ingested and be aware of all the problems that occur in the real world from only one place. Fast and powerfull engine.


The CPH engine ingests events in less than 1 second, using the Real time ingestion. It has a streaming processing system together with a database oriented to real time workloads. But it has different ways to ingest data. You caningest data depending on the needs of your industry. Real Time, Near Real Time and Batch processing of data and options that you have in CPH. Easy to connect: CPH is easy to connect different visualization tools that are used by the different companies in the data world. You can use the tool that you prefer to make the learning much easier. If your tool is not in the CPH system, you can connect it thought the JDBC connector available.


3.- Tecnology Cloud Process History (CPH) is a solution developed under Cloud Technology, with a low cost architecture that solves the challenges of mass historification of data generated mainly by industrial facilities, making them available through direct consumption applications (APIs), visualization tools and datalabs to develop algorithms. It also has components that enable connection to advanced analytical platforms (RapidMiner, KNIME, etc) Benefits Scalability – CPH is built on the technological infrastructure of Amazon Web Services, taking advantage of scalability in processing, unlimited storage capacity and pay-per-use. Data Ingestion – Cloud Process History allows real-time ingest of all types of events using factory and computer protocols. It also has a module for the processing and enrichment data stored. Democratization – CPH allows free access to data, especially for business analysts, plant engineers and data scientists.