18 November. 20.35 - 21.15 | Lounge

The idea of computation is without doubt the most important intellectual advancement of this century.  But what does it ultimately mean, and how can we best take advantage of it?
This talk will be about computational language and how it allows the power of computation to be tapped, and how it makes possible ubiquitous computational intelligence.  The talk will include live demos of the latest computational intelligence in the Wolfram Language, that now powers the world’s major intelligent assistants, as well as many innovative R&D initiatives.
Four hundred years ago the invention of mathematical notation opened up the possibility of algebra, calculus and the growth of mathematical science.  Learn how computational language as implemented in the Wolfram Language is now opening up “computational X” fields, and how the Wolfram Language defines a bridge between the power of the computational universe and the description of human goals.
The talk will discuss how computational language and the computational paradigm has recently made possible the breakthrough Wolfram Physics Project, which is finding a fundamental theory of physics, and whose formalism can be applied to redefine distributed computing in physics-based terms.  Talk will also discuss how computational language makes possible computational contracts and computational constitutions for AI ethics.
The concept of computational language—implemented over the past 34 years in the Wolfram Language—is destined to be a core element of the future of technology and much more.  Many of its implications are still far in the future, but it’s immediately applicable today to create “artifacts from the future”, as an increasing number of organizations are now doing.