16 November. 20.35 - 21.15 | Lounge

In her talk, Nuria will describe the work that we have done within the Commissioner for AI Strategy and Data Science against COVID-19 for the President of the Valencian Region. As commissioner, I have led a multi-disciplinary team of 20+ scientists who have volunteered since March 2020. We have been working on 4 large areas: (1) human mobility modeling; (2) computational epidemiological models (both metapopulation and individual models); (3) predictive models; (4) citizen surveys, with the launch of the covid19impactsurvey, one of the largest citizen surveys about COVID-19 to date with over 300.000 answers (https://covid19impactsurvey.org)

I will describe some of the work we have carried out in each of these areas and will share the lessons learned in this very special initiative of collaboration between the civil society at large (through the survey), the scientific community (through the Expert Group) and a public administration (through the Commissioner at the Presidency level)