17 November. 16.45 - 17.25 | Attic

The project consists of a solution to relate data sources that do not have an identifier by which to relate them, but is from different fields, which often do not have to match exactly or do not have to always be all informed This is a solution adapted to today’s times where we want to improve the quality of the information that is stored in order to exploit it analytically and also enrich it with external sources. Based on a person’s information, the algorithm checks both exact matches of the fields and matches of the fields by applying a certain preprocessing adapted to each field in question, as well as calculating distances to measure the degree of similarity between the two. values ​​that have not matched. In addition, according to the matching fields and the degrees of similarity, in the case of non-exact matches, a quality level is assigned to the candidate found, which measures the confidence that the candidate is the same as the incoming person. The algorithm returns the candidate (s) found in addition to the quality of each candidate, so that according to the degree of quality some actions or others are taken.