18 November. 16.45 - 17.25 | Attic

Location data is being generated at an unprecedented rate and right now is even more important as we navigate the new normal: a world where social distancing, contact tracing & spatial data analysis are critical for governments to respond rapidly and for businesses to survive. With a growing number of Data Scientists being asked to create spatial models for their organizations, it’s important to consider how their stack of data warehouses and AI / machine learning platforms can come together to deliver accurate & relevant predictions. In this session, Javier de la Torre (founder and Chief Strategy Officer of CARTO) will look at real examples of Spatial Data Science in action in verticals such as cities and government, retail and CPG. He will show how new types of Big Data such as human mobility, credit card transactions and social media data (among others) can help the organizations of tomorrow respond to changing citizen and consumer behavior through effective location-based market analysis.