18 November. 17.30 - 18.10 | Lounge

Medicsen presented in last years BIG THINGS conference regarding a glucose predictive software that generated plenty of interest. Since then, we have created new functionalities based on relevant tech innovations to improve healthcare outcomes and satisfaction. We have created a Software that predicts the risk of a certain patient currently having a disease and it ́s future likelihood of developing a chronic condition (initially focused in diabetes), all based on GDPR compliant data and oriented towards improving patient ́s health and provider ́s cost of services. Optimize business and patient outcomes • Cost savings (Understand workfrow and reduce risk) • Differential value of service (personalized approach) • New business opportunities (predicted future costs) Improve patient´s health and satisfaction, Reduce cost of care, and open new business opportunities With an algorithm that tracks data in real time, predicts future problems and offers valuable insights and recommendations through a multi-platform interactive dashboard. Better understanding workflows, calculating total cost of problems and efficiently prioritizing interventions by their return on investment potential. Accurate, safe and affordable. EXPERT ANALYSIS + PREDICTIVE ALGORITHMS + SUPREME DATA VISUALIZATION • CLASSIFICATION of patients in risk groups according to their current health state and potential of future chronic conditions arising • PREDICTION of likelihood of future disease based on GDPR compliant data, non biometrical. • Integration with ANALYSIS of business variables (costs, times …) • MEDICAL ACTS as the only necessary data-points • ADAPTED to the particularities of the health provider • Graphic and interactive DISPLAY of the information through an online dashboard that can be accessed from multiple platforms. We know that GDPR is a real liability for these companies, so we added a differential value point, which is that our technology DOES – NOT – USE – BIOMETRICAL – DATA. This means that we don ́t need to know the results of a blood test, only to know that the patient took it, so We only need data that healthcare companies CAN use without compliance teams having trouble. If additional data is available, we can use it, but it is not required. OBSERVE: Automatic data tracking connected to the current databases of the healthcare provider to create an enriched layer of aggregated data and a platform to visualize (dashboard), hosted on the cloud and working on any device. DISCOVER: • Unbury hidden insights that drive patient´s health and cost generation • Classify patients in groups according to the most relevant variables for each case • Individual patient or patient group health risk score and costs. Likelihood of having a certain disease PREDICT: • Model the complex interplay of disease progression and service utilization to Forecast the future progression of individual and group risk and costs, anticipating chronic illnesses and consumption of services. • Who might get sick? Predict population health based on future clinical patterns • Disease detection/prediction algorithms DECIDE: • Obtain recommendations and insights to guide decisions on: o Optimal policy to insure o Creating new plans for new verticals of clients o Optimizing resource allocation among patients and centers o Interventions to reduce future patient and group risk and costs Medicsen has validated this technology with international healthcare providers and now we are working on standardizing data access and analysis to decrease cost of adaptation.