Idoia Salazar

Co-founder and president of OdiseIA

Co-founder and president of the Observatory of the Social and Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence (OdiseIA). She is Principal Investigator of the SIMPAIR Research Group (Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) , focusing mainly on the need for a multicultural approach to Ethics in AI. She is a specialist in Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, a professor in international degrees at CEU San Pablo University and is the author of the books: 'The Myth of the Algorithm: Tales and truths of Artificial Intelligence (co-author with Richard Benjamins),' The Revolution of robots: How Artificial Intelligence and robotics affect our future 'and' The depths of the Internet: Access information that search engines cannot find and discover the intelligent future of the Internet ' (written in spanish), as well as scientific and informative articles oriented to investigate and raise awareness about the impact of Artificial Intelligence. He is also  founding member of Springer AI and Ethics journal and  member of the Global AI Ethics Consortium.