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Nowadays in companies that follow a strategy focused on data (obtaining, treatment, analysis, storage, exploitation, governance and security) there is, among others, two important problems to be solved. One of them is related to the agile and simple consumption of relevant information from the organization and the second one is the delocalization of data and the duplication of information sources.


Solving these two problems would considerably reduce the search and download time of the information, in addition to being a faithful source of the correct data since it would have to be connected to the central source of information (DataLake, Informational System, DWH, etc …)


Datopic is a Digital project built with Open Data Sharing philosophy that aims to democratize access to company data through Digital Transformation and allow new workflows of information among all employees. Datopic is a website built in a Cloud environment over CKAN. CKAN is the world’s leading open source data management system and is used by many public entities such as the European union, the government of the United States, Canada, Mexico and so on.


In addition to being used by public entities, CKAN is beginning to be used in private companies to give their employees easy and fast access to important company data. In our case, we have extended some modules of CKAN to build our own website to manage our data with a new attractive visualization and a multitenant architecture, which is connected to our corporate DataLake. Datopic mainly obtains information through programmed processes, this information is published for the entire company in a friendly interface that allows searching, scoring and uploading important company information.


All web access processes such as data upload and download are carried out using high quality standards and data governance. Datopic provides different ways of data structured consumption. You can search between all the datasets with a simple searcher and then download the data in four different formats, preview this information in a table with simple filters or previsualize it in a map if geolocation fields are provided in the data. With this platform, all the employees, even without technical skills, have quick and easy access to company data like never before and they also can upload their own information to Datopic, so new data workflows have been created allowing the distribution of information.


With the implementation of Datopic we managed to break silos within the company and we managed to have a very powerful data democratization tool connected to Datalake. In addition, the information that is stored in Datopic is recorded in our Data Governance tool as part of the data lineage strategy in the company. In order to exploit the benefits of an Open Data Sharing tool like Datopic, it is very important to have a data strategy that allows the data to be available in a centralized, secure and governed repository, such as the Datalake. All the above indicates that Datopic, allow the different business units a centralized and fast data access point where there are no duplications or errors. There is no doubt that this tool produces great time savings and ultimately more speed in decision-making.