18 November. 18.15 - 18.55 | Lounge

The use of Artificial Intelligence systems is increasingly widespread by companies and organizations. It is a fact that, shortly, it will have a real impact on society, at all levels, and will mean a drastic change in many of our routines. This technology can be very beneficial, but it also carries great risks. Some of them: the unconsciousness regarding possible negative repercussions, confusion and prejudices associated with science fiction. OdiseIA was born as an independent organism to actively work on raising awareness of the need to make responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence. Its actions are divided into areas of knowledge and current challenges of AI, and it already has more than 70 partners specialized in the matter, as well as interested companies and universities. In addition, one of its main functions is to promote education in society, regarding the real impact of artificial intelligence and thus help them understand its real benefits and risks.