18 November. 16.00 - 16.40 | Lounge

Companies have realized that data is a strategic asset and key for their future. They are trying to become Data Driven, to get maximum value of their data, but independently of the technology or product that they are using, DataMarts, Big Data, Public Cloud, they are struggling to achieve it.


To make things even a little more difficult, technology evolves exponentially and every day is more complicated: Analytics, Data Governance, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Containers, Kubernetes, Spark, Tensor Flow, MLOps, Semantic, Knowledge Governance, Ontologies, Knowledge Graphs, Public Clouds…


Augmented Data changes the way you have been managing data. In a similar way to the “Augmented Reality” concept you can augment your data with automated augmented data layers that give business meaning, quality and easy access to get all the value you have been trying to achieve during the last 20 years. Augmented Data simplify the use of the state of the art of technology without the need to change your IT, Data Stores, or products, without more complex expensive replications and movement of data. It is a complete different way that according to the analysts is the path to go for data management and data Intelligence.