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In this talk we are going to explore how the quantum computer is going to affect us in the future.


Starting by understanding the basic concepts about quantum computers, using simple and visual examples, we’ll compare the difference between the current binary, classical computation, and the quantum computation, and how this new technology is going to affect and change the industry in the future.


Quantum computing technology is being considered like the next disruptive technology thanks to the computation power that is going to surpass the current classical computation. Today the quantum computers are in a phase where the research community is looking to solve the big challenges to make it scalable, with quality and speed enough to demonstrate the quantum advantage. We can define this quantum advantage like the moment where this technology can solve real problems in a way that the classical computer couldn’t at the same time and with the same energy efficiency.


With these new challenges in mind, also we need to integrate all the classical application and data in this new scenario, it means that the quantum computers need to be include in the current application workflows, where is necessary get the information, now storage in classical “binary” format, and adapt it to be processed by quantum computers and the new algorithms that is going to be developed.


The industry is looking for how this technology is going to help in areas like chemistry, optimization, and machine learning problems, all of them thanks to the quantum mechanics capabilities.


In the chemistry industry the effect of quantum computations is going to help to simulate more complex molecules and all the atomic element iterations, helping to discover new medicines and materials. Such as Professor Feynman described 40 years ago in his lecture “Simulating Physics with Computers”, ““Nature isn’t classical, dammit, and if you want to make a simulation of nature, you’d better make it quantum mechanical, and by golly it’s a wonderful problem, because it doesn’t look so easy”.


Thanks to the optimization solutions, industries like finance, supply chain and logistics will have the opportunity to research new algorithms to create new financial models or find better solutions for ultra-efficient logistic and global supply chains.


In the machine learning field, quantum computing is going to define new ways to solve problems, thanks to the capability to work in a form where the quantum algorithm can explore multiple solutions at the same time. You could figure it out, like the capability to add all the data into a quantum memory and doing mathematical operations in all this data in superposition.


In the next few years this technology needs to demonstrate its real impact in real applications, and the moment that the quantum computing advantage will be demonstrated, will be when the industry can start to integrate it like a differentiation and this technology will add real solutions and value.


Said that, is possible that the real quantum killer app, is going to appear in the moment when quantum computers will have a computation power that is not known today, and thanks that computation power, the researchers and data sciences can discover new ways to use it to solve problems that nowadays are impracticable with the classical computers.