África Periáñez

Founder & CEO at benshi.ai

She is a passionate data science leader and entrepreneur who loves to turn research into production, and to build operational machine learning platforms from scratch.

All her energy goes on pushing the frontiers of behavioural machine learning and personalization to improve healthcare in low- and middle-income countries: benshi.ai

Ex-Chief Analytics Officer at Inditex
Founder and ex-CEO of Yokozuna Data: yokozunadata.com

PhD Mathematics (U Reading) | MSc String Theory (CERN) | MSc Theoretical Physics

Interviewed by Bloomberg: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-23/game-makers-tap-ai-to-profile-each-player-and-keep-them-hooked

Featured in Quartz https://qz.com/is/what-happens-next-2/1438720/future-of-gaming/

An essay with my vision: https://qz.com/1433038/the-next-generation-of-video-games-will-use-ai-to-personalize-your-experience/