Guglielmo Iozzia

Associate Director - Business Tech Analysis, IT & AI at MSD

Guglielmo is part of MSD (Merck & Co. in North America), one of the top 5 biotech pharma companies. He is currently busy unlocking business value through Computer Vision and other ML/DL/AI applications in the biotech manufacturing space. He has an extensive background in Software Engineering and Data Science across other big organizations such as IBM, Optum and FAO of the UN applied to other contexts (Healthcare, DevOps, Cybersecurity). Guglielmo has been recognized as DataOps Champion at the Streamsets DataOps Summit 2019 and awarded as one of the Top 50 Tech Visionaries at the 2019 Dubai Intercon Conference. He is also an international speaker (more that 20 international conferences, including Big Things 2019), author of a tech book on distributed Deep Learning with Apache Spark and planning about a second tech book on practical Explainable AI which should be released sometime in 2021.